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class in Doozy.Engine.Progress / Inherits from: ProgressTarget


The ProgressTargetText class is used by a Progressor to update the text value of a Text component

Public Variables

  •  public Text Text – Target Text component

  •  public TargetVariable TargetVariable – The variable that will get converted to string and set as the text value of the Text target

  •  public bool WholeNumbers – Should the target variable value get rounded to the nearest integer?

  •  public bool UseMultiplier – Should the target variable value have a multiplier applied?

  •  public float Multiplier – If UseMultiplier is TRUE, the target variable value will be multiplied by this value. Useful if you want to convert the Progress from 0.5 to 50% for example

  •  public string Prefix – Text added before the converted string value

  •  public string Suffix – Text added after the converted string value

Public Methods

  • public override void UpdateTarget(Progressor progressor) – Method used by a Progressor to when the current Value has changed