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The Progress Target Action is used by a Progressor to trigger an UIAction at a set progress or value
See Also: Progressor, UIAction

Component Details

Gesture Listener
  • Manual – Link to the manual page for this component

  • YouTube – Link to the quick video tutorial for this component

  • Target Variable (Trigger Action When) – The Progressor variable that will get compared with the Target Value

  • Compare Method (is) – Determines how the trigger value should be compared to the Target Value

  • Trigger Value (Value) – The value that will trigger the UIAction

  • Tolerance – Minimum tolerance to trigger this UIAction

  • Disable Trigger After Activation – If TRUE, the trigger will get disabled after it has been activated

  • Reset Trigger OnEnable – If TRUE, the trigger will reset OnEnable

  • Reset Trigger OnDisable – If TRUE, the trigger will reset OnDisable

  • Reset Trigger After Delay – IF TRUE, the trigger will reset after a set reset delay

  • Reset Delay – Time duration to wait before enabling the trigger, after it has been activated. If Reset After Delay is enabled.

  • Use Unscaled Time – If TRUE, unscaled delta time will be used for the reset delay. Otherwise, the scaled delta time well get used.

  • Actions UIAction executed  triggered. See UIAction for details.