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Doozy UI Roadmap

  • Ongoing Work
    Ongoing Work
  • Research
  • Work not yet started
    Work not yet started
  • Shopy


    Shop Management module which elevates your games with Effortless In-Game Shops

  • Stashy


    Object Inventory module which organizes your game's Inventory with ease

  • Playmaker Actions for Doozy UI Manager

    Playmaker Actions for Doozy UI Manager

    Playmaker Integration with DoozyUI Manager

  • Playmaker Actions for Soundy

    Playmaker Actions for Soundy

    Playmaker Integration with Soundy

  • Playmaker Actions for Bindy

    Playmaker Actions for Bindy

    Playmaker Integration with Bindy

  • Playmaker Actions for Reactor

    Playmaker Actions for Reactor

    Playmaker Integration with Bindy

  • Styler


    Theme manager that allows changing colors, images, fonts, animations and sounds via Signals. Theme management system.

  • List View

    List View

    Vertical or horizontal scrollable area that links to, and displays, a list of items. It is one of the most commonly used scrolling widget. It displays its children one after another in the scroll direction. Each item (child) in the list is bound to a corresponding element in a data-source list. The data-source list can contain elements of any type.

  • UI Info Box

    UI Info Box

    Info boxes come in very handy when building an app or game. The most common usage is for sections that list features of products or services or abilities or item details. Various options are available to help you customize every element of this component: the icon, the headline, and the description.

  • UI Icon Box

    UI Icon Box

    A simplified version of Info box but comes with powerful display features. Perfect for showcasing interesting information to your users in various styles

  • UI Icon List

    UI Icon List

    The Icon List component creates an easy-to-manage list of items, with each item highlighted by its own icon.

  • UI Feature List

    UI Feature List

    Showcase your product features in styles with our cool Feature List component.

  • UI News Ticker

    UI News Ticker

    Display your breaking news headlines or important post title in a nice scrolling way with lots of styles.

  • UI Skill Bar

    UI Skill Bar

    An essential building block to showcase user skills, task percentage, required tools and other progressive information in different ways.

  • UI Hotspot

    UI Hotspot

    The Hotspot component focuses on helping you create interactive images that can help you highlight relevant information, boost engagement and increase conversions for your app or game.

  • UI Image Stack Group

    UI Image Stack Group

    Sometimes we have to show images in a stack group format to create an eye-catchy look. But it’s so tough to create a single stack group of images with Unity. This component solves that issue.

  • UI Data Table

    UI Data Table

    Using a data table in Unity is a difficult task if you don’t have any coding ideas or knowledge. However, the data table widget will solve this problem.

  • UI Alert

    UI Alert

    The Alert component enables you to display a colored alert box to draw attention to an important message.

  • UI Star Rating

    UI Star Rating

    The Star Rating component allows you to display author-assigned star ratings within your content. Both the label and the stars are fully customizable for size, color, and typography.

  • UI Heading

    UI Heading

    The Heading component allows you to create stylish title headings.

  • UI Breadcrumbs

    UI Breadcrumbs

    Visualize your breadcrumbs in different ways; each of them customizable.

  • UI Menu Anchor

    UI Menu Anchor

    The Menu Anchor component allows you to create a page with internal smooth scrolling navigation.

  • UI Slides

    UI Slides

    The Slides component allows you to quickly create simple slides that work perfectly, without a fuss.

  • UI Image Accordion

    UI Image Accordion

    The Image Accordion component comes with interactive design looks. You can create unique accordions for images.

  • UI Table of Contents

    UI Table of Contents

    The Table of Contents component automatically organizes your page content based on H1 through H6 levels of hierarchy (these are headings). Although the process is automatic, you have plenty of control over what gets included and what gets excluded from the display.

  • UI Flip Box

    UI Flip Box

    The Flip Box component helps you create animated boxes that flip to the other side, once the user hovers a pointer over them.

  • UI Image Hover Box

    UI Image Hover Box

    Display info in a beautiful and fancy way with the help of Hover box component.

  • UI Single Image Scroll

    UI Single Image Scroll

    Facing difficulties while presenting long images like web page screenshots, panorama shots, etc...? From now you can showcase long images by using the Single Image Scroll component.

  • UI Image Swap

    UI Image Swap

    Create an actionable image section on your app or game by using the Image Swap component.

  • UI Justified Grid

    UI Justified Grid

    Another component which can help you to create beautiful justified grid. Comes packed with tons of options to make it stand out from the crowd.

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