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Editor UI

Customize Your Unity Editor
with UIElements

Customize Everything

Ever wanted to create custom editors for your classes?

How about custom windows for your project’s backend or even custom UIElements components with specialized functionality?

Editor UI gives you the tools and know-how to create any type customization you might want or need inside the Unity Editor.

– Add Your Colors (for both Light and Dark themes)

– Add Your Own Fonts

– Add Custom Animated Icons (with SpriteSheets)

– Add Custom Textures

– Use Native USS (style) and UXML (layout) Files

– And more…

Automatic Color Management

Theme Colors

Switching between Dark and Light themes will update all colors accordingly.


You can focus on building the layout and adding functionalities, and let Editor UI automatically apply the proper color scheme.

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Editor UI

Customize Everything

Build Your Own

Custom Editors

All the custom editors, windows and controls used by the Doozy systems and components were built with Editor UI.

You can user and customize the pre-made controls and layouts inside Editor UI, or create your own.

Customize Everything!

Editor Colors

Color any element, text or image

Editor Selectable Colors

Sets of 5 colors for interactable components

Editor SpriteSheets

Frame by frame animations

Editor Textures

Static Images

Editor Fonts

Custom editor fonts

Editor Layouts

References to UXML files

Editor Styles

References to USS files

Knowledge Unleashed


Unlock the power of knowledge with our comprehensive Documentation hub.


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