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Audio Management System

Soundy - Audio Management System for Unity

Elevate Your Unity Audio! Simple API, Modern Editors, and Powerful Features. Craft Immersive Audio Experiences with Ease!

Audio Power Unleashed

Sound Player

Effortlessly play, stop, fade, pause, and mute individual sounds.

Enjoy seamless transitions and rich audio effects, all at your fingertips.

Dynamic Soundtrack

Music Player

Create dynamic music experiences with Soundy’s Music Player.


Play, shuffle, and loop music tracks for captivating in-game ambience or app soundtracks.

Global Dashboard


Experience Soundy’s modern and intuitive dashboard! Preview sounds and music in and out of play mode, tweak settings, and manage your libraries effortlessly.

Sound and Music Object

Sound Object

Elevate your audio design with the Sound Object – a versatile masterpiece for mixing and playing various sound effects.

Seamlessly blend multiple sounds, each with its unique settings, including Pan Stereo, Spatial Blend, Reverb, and 3D settings.

With dynamic play modes like Sequential, Random, and Random No Repeat, the Sound Object empowers you to create immersive soundscapes that breathe life into your Unity projects.

Music Object

Compose harmonious symphonies with the Music Object – your all-in-one tool for crafting enchanting music in Unity.

Apply fine-tuned settings such as Pan Stereo, Spatial Blend, Reverb, and 3D settings to orchestrate the perfect audio landscape.

Efficient Resource Management


Soundy organizes your audio assets into easily accessible databases.

Say goodbye to clutter and find your audio clips in a snap!

Enhanced User Experience

Seamless Integration

Soundy seamlessly integrates with Doozy UI Manager (2023.1.0 and up).


Has a Sound Node and a Music Node for Nody, a visual navigation flow graph system, and custom audio components for UIContainer, UISelectable and UIToggle.


Streamline audio actions, libraries, and sound effects within your UI workflow.

Unleash the Full Potential of Soundy

Soundy API

Experience audio mastery with Soundy API, where creativity meets control.


Seamlessly integrate and manipulate soundscapes in your Unity projects, elevating your audio experience with dynamic sequences and responsive interactions.


Unleash the power of Soundy API, and immerse your players in a world of harmonious sound design and limitless audio possibilities.

Knowledge Unleashed


Unlock the power of knowledge with our comprehensive Documentation hub.


Learn about Soundy

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