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Value Animator Engine

Animate Any Value

Reactor is a Value Animator Engine that uses a heartbeat to animate values.


You can animate any public variable or property. Integer, float, Vector2, Vector3, bool, Color and you can even control frame by frame texture animations by selecting the proper frame at the right time.



Out of the box, Reactor currently supports Unity UI (uGUI) and editor UIElements. It can support other systems as well thanks to its modular nature.

UI Animator

Move, Rotate, Scale, Fade

Color Animator

Animate Colors

Sprite Animator

Frame by Frame Animations


One System Two Heartbeats

Reactor is powered by two ticker engines called Runtime Heartbeat and Editor Heartbeat.

The Runtime Heartbeat ticker is used to update all the animations that run at runtime (in Play Mode), and it has its own FPS setting.

The Editor Heartbeat ticker is used to update all the animations that run on the Unity Editor side (editor animations, animated icons, etc.) and it too has its own separate FPS setting.

Optimized for Performance

Set Any FPS

You can set any animation FPS to optimize the number of calculations done per second and save battery life on the target device.


FPS changes can be performed ahead of time (in the editor) or at runtime (through code).


Reactor is has FPS presets for 20, 24, 30, 60, 90, 120 and MAX.

Int Animator

Animate Any Integer Value

Float Animator

Animate Any Float Value

Vector2 Animator

Animate Any Vector2 Value

Vector3 Animator

Animate Any Vector3 Value

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