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Visual Flow Graph

Create, Visualize & Manage
UI Navigation Flows

Design your UI flow logic with Nody, a visual flow graph solution, with nodes. You can create, visualize and manage simple or complex UI navigation flows with just a few clicks.


Designers can create and link nodes to create flows, without writing a single line of code.


Developers can create custom nodes and inject project specific functionalities to the UI flows.


How to create a new UI Node

Native Nodes

Create Any UI Flows

Nody comes with all the necessary tools (nodes) to build complete UI flows.


Powerful nodes like the UI Node, Portal Node, Signal Node, Load Scene Node and others are available out of the box.


Extendibility is one of the core principles, thus an automated system to create your own custom nodes is also available.

Custom Nodes

Add Your Own Node

With only a few clicks, the Create Node window helps you inject your own project specific functionalities in UI flows.

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