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UI Menu

Visual Prefab Manager

Visual Design

UI Menu is a visual prefab management system for Unity that allows instantiation of prefab clones of linked prefabs directly in the Unity Editor.


Made for designers, adding new elements to the menu is done with only a few clicks, without writing a single line of code.


UI Menu is the perfect solution to build entire UIs in a visual way as this is the closest thing to WYSIWYG prefab management for Unity, when it comes to UI design.


Easy to Use

Click Add to Scene

Build your UI visually and intuitively.


Use the dynamic search system to find any registered prefab.


Hover your pointer over a menu item, then click to add to scene.


Attach and use the UI Menu window anywhere inside Unity. 

Animated Previews

Create Your Own Previews

Create UI libraries and leverage the prefab system to automatically update all your UI elements’ design.


Each menu item can show a custom preview of its prefab, by either showing a texture (static preview) or a set of textures (animated preview).


You can create animated previews for your own prefabs with the tools provided.

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